Come One come ALL! Attention all creatures great and small (including ALL, not only dogs, cats, hamsters, turtles, birds, snakes, llamas, and even giraffes!) Everyday we receive a special kind of unconditional love by our pets no matter how big or small.  Just as we receive blessings for ourselves, don’t our other family members deserve them too?

Christ Episcopal Church, Lancaster holds a service  to celebrate the Feast of St. Francis and the blessing of animals.

We join together with our faithful companions for a lively service of blessing and thanksgiving in the church.  Join us for this boisterous celebration of God’s creation. Everyone is WELCOMED (including all our faithful companions) as we join together to embrace the love we share for our companions for an exhilarating, and energetic service of blessing and thanksgiving in the church. Please join us for this spirited celebration of all of God’s beautiful creations.